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      61 products

      Our Mini Sex Doll

      Mini Sex Dolls are Petites with feminine sexual characteristics. These dolls can provide a more realistic experience compared with other masturbation methods, such as sex toys or torsos. These cute and tiny sex dolls have perfect legs & cute faces thus you can easily move them or assume any pose while enjoying an ultimate close-to-real sex experience. Compared with life-size sex dolls, mini sex dolls may have several advantages like less weight, easier maintenance, and smaller storage capacity. Although they are cute and petit, their vivid appearance and vagina are tight enough to satisfy all your emotional needs and sexual desires which you have dreamed of. For the roles, they can be your family members, like daughters or sisters as you wish. Once you decide, please take care of these little cuties while enjoying sex and daily life! 

      As more and more people begin to accept and invite these cuties to join their life, sex dolls are popular in recent years, especially these entry-level mini sex dolls. VSDoll has selected the best quality and long-lasting mini sex doll series from a variety of choices based on 2000+ customer feedback and all the petite sex dolls on our website are in perfect condition with artistic makeup, at an affordable price! These sexy mini sex dolls are constructed of lifelike super-elastic MEDICAL-GRADE TPE material. The built-in alloy frame skeleton has added extra flexibility on these sweeties so you can let her perform various sexual positions as you like. Choose your favorite little cuties and take them home now!

      • Check out our Mini Sex Doll collection, you can even hold their soft waists and attractive breasts with both hands effortlessly. We have many types on the shelves: 68 cm, 78cm, 88cm, 100 cm, 110cm BBW, 125cm and 130cm BBW. You can choose the type you like until you get the ideal petite love doll. 
      • Since the reasons for buying little sex dolls are different, the first consideration when people choose to buy them is their cute appearance. Here are some recommendations for you to buy at VSDoll:

      Lucy is a juicy petite love doll with a sensual body, big brown eyes, stunning long blonde hair, and small delicate features. Start with 3ft3 / 100cm, Lucy has a womanly figure, large D-cup breasts, and a fully posable metal skeleton. Lucy's small size allows her to be rather agile in the bedroom, able to switch positions with ease, her weight also means you are more able to suspend her during sex, which she will love.

      Mandy is one of our smallest girls, looking for a caring man to protect from the crazy outside world and pleasure her every night so she is safe. She is small in size so finds it easy to manoeuvre herself into many positions, and due to her light weight, you can have her raised or up against a wall during sex. You'll know she is enjoying herself when she moans for more. 

      Alice is eager to explore the world yet shy in her character. She is looking for someone to show her the way, of course, she is also wild and mischievous at heart. Alice is ready to explore her sexual capabilities, although she is petite in her figure her plump breasts are of a perfect size to give you something to handle. She will satisfy all your sexual urges, and begin your journey together!

      • Can I customize a mini sex doll?

      Absolutely! Our mini sex dolls are as customizable as our other life size or BBW sex dolls. You can choose different skin tones, breast type and voice or heating options,etc. If you did not find the preferred mini sex doll face or body type, you can upload pictures or material packages here to customize your unique doll here.

      If you have any information request, please contact or online chat, we will help you 24/7 online!

      1. What is a mini sex doll

      A mini sex doll is also called a small sex doll, petite sex doll, tiny sex doll, and little sex doll. They are usually between 60cm and 130cm in height, with a cherub-like face, petite body, delicate hands, cute feet, and a round little donkey, giving you a real woman's feeling. . Petite sex doll in VSDoll is all made of medical-grade TPE material, which is very safe to use, tasteless and soft. 

      2. What Does a Mini Sex Doll Feel Like?

      In fact, from our customer feedback, most people have never experienced sex with love dolls, and some even have no sexual experience before. If you belong to these groups, don’t worry and don’t be shy, you can try it with a sex doll first cuz there is no fault to face the sex desire or find your true love.

      Mini sex dolls have realistic skin, cute faces, delicate bodies, and all the holes same as real women for sex (Mouth [>80cm doll], Anus, Vagina). Their vivid faces, sexy curves and appearance provide sexual organs to help you get to climax and absorb sexual pleasure.

      Let's listen to the testimony of Robert, a loyal customer of VSDoll:

      "Anyways, the woman around me was either married or taken. I have no one to date or build a relationship with. At first, I felt rather lonely, so I bought myself a high-end TPE mini sex doll from VSDoll to satisfy my desires.

      Since I am very satisfied with my mini sex doll till now, I no longer need to go out to find a date. Thus, I can stay at home and do what I like!

      If you live a life like me, sex dolls are great, especially mini sex dolls. Your doll will never talk back to you, she will always stay by your side and be young and beautiful. "

      There are more and more happy customers like Robert. They even spontaneously organize gatherings of sex doll enthusiasts in their backyard. If you want to hear more stories of happy customers, please contact our customer service, we will tell you more...

      3. Why buy mini sex dolls

      • Affordable Price

      Life-size sex dolls are not cheap, and these gorgeous and sexy goddesses are an investment indeed. However, if you simply don’t wanna invest a lot of money In sex dolls for the first time, you can start to research these entry-level mini sex dolls. These beautiful little sex dolls provide the same experience as real dolls and are usually 50% cheaper than larger dolls. 

      • Easy to Store, Hide, and Carry

      Mini sex dolls are small and easy to hide. If you are worried about privacy leakage, the room is small or you don't want others to know, then a mini sex doll will be your best choice. When considering storage, your wardrobe can only leave a little space for her. Even if you let her hide in the quilt on the bed, it's not obvious at all. When you want to take her on a business trip or camping, she can also be easily put in the suitcase and the trunk of the car!

      • Lightweight and Easy to Clean and Maintain

      The weight of mini sex dolls is usually around 10Kg-20kg. Compared with full-size sex dolls, mini sex dolls are easier to carry, clean, and store after having sex. When you have a sex doll, it is part of your true responsibility to take good care of her. You need to ensure that your doll is always cleaned after each use to avoid the spread of potential bacteria, which could endanger your own health. Cleaning a mini sex doll can be done in 5 minutes, you can clean her up before returning to the beer and TV. 

      • Equipped with All Orifices
      Although the Mini sex doll is very small, the function is complete as well as life-size dolls. She has the three holes like a real woman, the cute little mouth(mini sex doll > 80cm can be equipped with the oral whole), tight vagina and anus, and the same firm and juicy boobs!
      Moreover, the petite and cute body of the mini sex doll is easier to assume various postures and you can explore more positions during intercourse based on the light and extra flexibility of the mini sex doll. 
      • Cute, Sweet, and Unique

      Mini sex dolls are beautiful because of their small bodies. When you touch their cute heads and soft skin, I believe you will fall in love with her. When you stare into its smiling eyes, your soul may fall. She sits quietly in your home, sweet and unique...

      4. Is a mini sex doll legal to purchase in my country?

      When mini sex dolls enter the market, people often worry about whether they are related to child sexual assault. We do not encourage pedophilia, yes, it is forbidden in any country on earth. But considering those who may be disabled or have severe back pain, they cannot afford heavy sex dolls. In this case, mini dolls are the only option that meets their demands.

      Some countries, such as Australia/UK/Singapore, stipulate that sex dolls under 140cm cannot be imported (It is internationally recognized that child sex dolls should not exceed 140cm), so you are supposed to purchase dolls over 140cm.

      But for most other countries/regions, according to our many years of mini sex doll sale experience, they can be safely shipped to the United States, Canada, and European countries, etc., without any legal issues.

      If you still have any questions about the legality of mini sex dolls, please click to read Sex Doll Legit or contact our customer service at or via live chat for help!

      Things to say...

      As you may know, sex dolls have been in our lives for a long time, but there are still many customers who feel shy and guilty when they contact us for buying sex dolls.

      In fact, sex dolls are showing exponential growth in modern society and sex doll lovers not only stay with dolls in their sex life, they also record their lives with the dolls through other respective art forms such as photography and story writing. These dolls are no longer designed for meeting customers' sex desire but also be added with emotional value.

      As a high-end sex doll store, VSDoll hopes to provide affordably but with the highest-quality sex dolls to help you achieve your sexual fantasy and get a better life.

      Don't hesitate anymore, check our attractive sex dolls now! If you haven't found what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us at or via live chat, we are always here to help!